80g | 12a

Crystal Consultancy has been established to cater to the needs of thousands of NGOs all over India and is the only organisation providing various services in respect of 12a and 80g besides ngo services and guidance in the whole of India.

We provide information and professional advice on important aspects of government policy initiatives for development through the following instruments, to assist organizations and NGO’s involved in various development activities and strengthen the efforts. We provide services in the following fields:NGO, Trust, Firm, Society, Cooperative Society, Company, Projects etc.
Non-Government Organization
NGO Consultancy
Registration of NGO
NGO Registration
Registration of Muslim NGO
Muslim NGO Registration
Registration of Society
Registration of Cooperative Society
Registration of Non-Profit Society
Registration of Non-Profit NGO
Registration of Non-Profit Company
12 A Certificate
80 G Certificate
Certificate of 35 AC
Certificate of 35 (1&2)
FCRA: Permanent, Prior Permission and Amendments
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
Project Reports, Funds.



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